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Human history has been marked by occasional transitional moments: periods when a major change took place that resulted in a radical transformation of human society and the majority lifestyle. The last great transition was the 18th century Industrial Revolution, which established our political, economic, work, science and education systems. A series of escalating global crises currently taking place signify a new transition, as the old systems start to collapse, paving the way for the emergence of a new planetary civilisation. This book examines the transitions of the past, revealing their enduring influence, as well as identifying the ideas & insights that are shaping the new transition.

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The Past

The 18th century Industrial Revolution, currently nearing its end and built upon earlier historical transitions, laid the foundations for almost every aspect of our current planetary civilisation and ways of life, values and social structures.

The Present

An escalating "whole system crisis" in almost every aspect of society; climate change, environmental destruction, warfare, economic stress, political corruption, increasing mental health difficulties, cost of living crisis, and much more as basic services slowly collapse.

The Future

Throughout the 20th century, new insights, discoveries and understanding began to lay the foundations for a radically different type of human society; in which the well-being of nature and of people is the defining characteristic.

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