What is The Global Transition?

A period of great change is upon us as the current structures & principles of society, established in the last great transition of the Industrial Revolution, increasingly fail to work in our collective interest. At the same time, human destruction and pollution of the natural world has reached critical levels. This is a "whole system crisis" demanding radical global change if we are to survive & thrive.

Key Aspects of the Transition

What To Expect

What is happening now is more crises, more extreme weather events & pollution, economic instability, more conflict and more fear & stress. At the same time, the demand for radical change is growing.

The Industrial Revolution

In a 3-year period in the 18th century, the framework was created for our current politics, economics, education, science & lifestyle; replacing the previous system. It can & needs to be done again.

The New Ecological Civilisation

The global transition, if we so choose, is into an ecological civilisation, where human well-being and care of the natural world govern and shape our collective and individual lifestyle & choices.

Political Regeneration

Since the 1980s, an economic model based on wealth creation at the expense of well-being has increasingly corrupted our political systems, creating a widening gulf between rich & poor.

Forces of Light & Darkness

Behind current events, a battle is waging between two distinct forces; one dedicated to creating division and hostility between people and another dedicated to human & natural well-being.

Consciousness Change

At the heart of the transition, more and more people are awakening to a new type of human consciousness; characterised by goodwill, inclusiveness and reverence for the natural world.